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Elinchrom Lamphuvud Digital SE - Begagnad
Elinchrom Lamphuvud Digital SE - Begagnad

Elinchrom Lamphuvud Digital SE | Begagnad

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The Digital SE accepts 3000 Ws and is suitable for standard multi-shot imaging. The heavier duty flashtube has electrodes that are less affected by colour variations with frequent use e.g. normal three or four shot systems.

  • Efficient built-in reflector, with a 90° light distribution to maximise softbox performance.
  • Small flashtube diameters for short flash durations and better subject control. UV coated.
  • Extremely lightweight, only 2.4 kg includes the heavy-duty 5 m cable.
  • Reflector-bayonet with breech locking ring, fits a huge range of Elinchrom reflectors and softboxes.
  • Aluminium chassis with polyamide fire resistant housing. Digital Flashheads Facts 
  • Centred umbrella fitting, with additional umbrella support for larger umbrellas shafts on the stand adapter.
  • Efficient, low noise fan cooling.
  • Three optional Pyrex domes: transparent, mat and 400°K warm.
  • Illuminated, on/off modelling lamp switch. All Heads accepts 300 W halogen modelling lamps except the Mini and R range.
  • To ensure the ultimate retention of colour balance, Digital flashheads with advanced specifications will satisfy the most demanding digital applications. Designed to withstand extreme frequency of use, the heavier duty “S” flashtubes minimise changes in light characteristics and output.
  • NB. For best digital multi-shot results, flashheads should be of similar type and make.“Do not mix flashheads!”
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